Sell Your Property With An Agency

Here's our quick step guide to help you put your house on the market, with one of our local estate agencies.


Let's start to sell my property with an agency.

To get started, take a look at estate agencies close to you.


Find an agency with &Move

Find the perfect estate agency close by you, who you'd like to get in touch with to sell/rent your property.

You're able to view about all our agencies, their current properties and where they're near - so you're able to find the perfect agency for you and your area.


"Quick contact" the agency

With &Move, you're able to see all of our agents and contact them directly through our "Quick contact" section, located on all of our agents main home page.

Our platform will immediatly imform the agency of your contact and they'll be able to answer you directly via your email/phone.


Get featured on &Move

Wehn you sell/rent your home with any agency listed through the &Move porterty marketplace, your property is automatically added into the marketplace, but to get noticed even more, spak to your agent about becoming featured on any local property searches.

Move has partnered with THG (More:Trees) to create the Move &Grow Pledge, which allows us to give back on your behalf every time you list or feature your property with our platform.

&Move understands that the current property industry isn't always the most giving towards the environment, so we’re making a change. The &Move Move &Grow Pledge allows every single customer to be able to give back to the environment, planting a tree for every personal property listing and featured listing, free of charge.

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