Our tips for creating the best listing you can

The listing you create will have an influence on people’s first impressions, which are the deciding factors on whether potential buyers click on your property. To help you out with this, we have put together a list of factors which we think have the most impact on your listing.

To keep it short for you, we have briefly outlined our factors below (scroll down to read more in-depth about each):

  1. Keep it professional
  2. The more content, the better
  3. Create an easy reading experience
  4. Take clear, relevant photos
  5. Feature your property

If you would like to read further about the topic of each point, we have elaborated below. We recommend this as it gives a more detailed outlook.

1⠀⠀Keep it professional.

Whilst emphasising the key characteristics of your property, keeping your descriptions professional is essential.

What to include

  • Clear photos.
  • Detailed, formal descriptions.
  • Property documents, such as energy ratings, floorplans (previous/new).

What to avoid

  • Use of exclamation marks, and block capitals.
  • Use of emojis
  • Spelling mistakes

2⠀⠀The more content, the better.

Potential buyers want to know lots about a property before showing interest in it. Such details may include:

LocationFeaturesOutdoor SpaceHistory
How is the parking?Do you have any key features?What is your outdoor space like?How old is your property?
How busy is your road?Do you have a garage?Do you have a driveway?Do you know any interesting facts about your property?

There are many other factors you may wish to consider, view our recommended listing structure here.

3⠀⠀Create an easy reading experience

If your listing isn’t well structured, buyers may simply decide to stop reading, and look for another property. To prevent this, we recommend you clearly structure each section of your description. Using an example from the table above, we have provided a sample section:

Outdoor Space

The property has a 10m x 15m garden, with access from around the side of the house. The shed is well-kept and has a padlock on the door. The garden can also be accessed from the kitchen and the living room.

There is a small driveway, with room for one car, and parking on the road is available most of the time.

4⠀⠀Take clear, relevant photos

The photos you take are the buyer’s first insight into your property. These are the most important part of the listing. To help you get these right, the &Move team have consulted professional property photographers, and have collated some tips.

View our photography guide here.

5⠀⠀Feature your property

When a buyer searches for properties, featured properties are prioritised and are displayed at the top of the search results. This means that these listings gain more attention and so have a higher chance of attracting an interested buyer.

Featuring your property also comes with a complementary for sale sign for your house, delivered straight to you. These are weatherproof adhesive signs which can be placed inside your window, or on the outside of your property.

The cost of featuring your property is £50, and the option to do so is available as you list your property on our online portal.

We look forward to showing your property to the nation.

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