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We know property is a big investment, so why not find the perfect place, with local knowledge, direct from our local agencies.

Unlike your standard online property listing platform, we're here to show you the best properties, from our trusted agencies around the UK.

We believe that your local estate agencies are able to bring you the best knowledge of your area. We've harnessed this knowledge and worked with many agencies in local areas around the UK to create a more precise, trusted result.

Our trusted agencies have worked with us to provide their properties and service straight at your fingertips. No longer do you need to feel overwhelmed by the extensive property results.

Helping the environment.

With &Move, you're able to give back to the environment, from the comfort of your own home.

Move has partnered with THG (More:Trees) to create the Move &Grow Pledge, which allows us to give back on your behalf every time someone lists or features thier property with our platform.

&Move understands that the current property industry isn't always the most giving towards the environment, so we’re making a change. The &Move Move &Grow Pledge allows every single customer to be able to give back to the environment, planting a tree for every personal property listing and featured listing, free of charge.

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