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Selling should be easy. We're here to fix that.

Here at &Move, we make your local house buying, selling and renting experience easier, more inclusive, and more cost effective.

You can list properties for yourself, for just £59 . The &Move local property marketplace allows you to publish exactly what you want, when you want to, because you know your property best.

We’ve developed the &Move portal, where you can add, edit, delete and personalise your house listings. If you’re not too comfortable publishing a listing online yourself, our marketplace provides you with many local, trusted agencies to sell with. Start your journey with one of our trusted agencies here.

Not only does &Move work for individuals, but provides a new, modern, enhanced property marketplace for estate agencies within the UK. We will provide our local agencies with data, useful from a marketing perspective, as well as exposure to an increased, untapped customer base, find out more here.

We believe the cost of selling should be the least of your worries, and we can give you the control of your sale so that you can customise your property details and descriptions.

You may choose to go with one of our trusted agents, rather than taking control of your sale. Whilst this option is more expensive, we can assure you that your property and sale will be taken care of. 

The &Move online property marketplace is here to help you. Browse property listings local to your area with ease, manage and take control of your sale or get in contact quickly with a trusted, local agent.

We’re here to shake up the way you start your property journey.

What our local property marketplace offers...

Looking to sell/rent privately? You now have the power to list your property, quickly and easily with &Move, for a small upfront cost with no strings attached.

With &Move, you have the freedom to browse properties across the UK from your local, trusted estate agencies.

&Move has all the features you need to start your property journey, from an exclusive property portal to our eco pledge...

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